Region’s first podium residences... adding a new perspective to your life!

At The Hermitage Park, the USP is a podium based design that adds an entire new level of function and play in the overall scheme of landscaping. The public realm is of integral value in a Housing Project and the podium gives us the opportunity to explore it in a seamless way. It provides us the space where people spill over and interact . The center of the park is elevated to form the said podium and the residential are set in 'U' shape around the said podium. Two of the towers have been built on the podium itself, the remaining area on the podium has been landscaped into a mix of beautiful lawns, gazebos and waterfalls. Underneath the podium lies 1.5 acre of parking. Rest of the towers rise up magnificently from the ground level, a level below the podium. These zones provide a continuous transition from one block to the other - a flow of landscape, people and utilities, that guide all the phases of a visionary master plan. On the whole when you view The Hermitage Park from the front, the design is absolutely breathtaking and unique, the first in the region, wherein the manicured lawns, the water fall gradually rise up to the podium seamlessly blending in from one side and the splendid staircase and the children's play area gracefully adorning the other side. It is nothing short of a palatial beauty.