The Hermitage Park

Our life is said to have originated upon the culmination of the basic five elements of life namely the earth, the fire, the sky, the water and the air. These five elements further represent our five senses and eventually become a medium for the experience of sensation. We are often caught up in a circle of creating wealth, disturbing the balance between these five elements and forcing ourselves to a state of unclarity and mental unrest. It is essential that we maintain a healthy balance of these five elements to be able to function to the best of our abilities.

Completed Projects

Hollywood Heights Extn.

Hollywood Heights

Hollywood Heights 2

Hollywood Plaza

Panchkula Heights

Savitry Heights

VIP Galleria


The Master Plan

The Master Plan - Hermitage Park

First Podium Homes In Region

4 BHK Layout Plans


Proposed Area 1945 sqft. Approx.

4 BHK Layout Plans (TYPE A)

4 BHK Layout Plans


Proposed Area 1945 sqft. Approx.

4 BHK Layout Plans (TYPE B)

3 BHK Layout Plans

3 BHK Apartment.

Proposed Area 1560 sqft. Approx.

3 BHK Layout Plans

2 BHK Layout Plans

2 BHK Apartment.

Proposed Area 1275 sqft. Approx.

2 BHK Layout Plans

Approved Banks for Home Loans

The Hermitage Park have trust of Plenty Of Leading Banks and Financial Institutes.

*Loans at Sole Discretion Of Banks*

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