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Five Elements of Life

Our home is where we find peace and can recuperate; it needs to reflect the balance among the five elements and in turn help us balance these elements inside of us. When our surroundings are calm and serene, our mind and body relax in unison and we can tune our minds, heart, and souls to use each element in the most effective way. The Hermitage Park has been developed keeping in mind these essential five Elements of Life. Where every home has been built with care and every space is in alignment with the five Elements of Life. Let The Hermitage Park align yourself to focus on the positive qualities of each element, helping you to optimize your strengths.


One of the most tangible of all the elements and the first element of the panchamahabhuta is “Earth”. The Earth represents stability, support & strength. The mad pace of our lives disconnects us from it and we feel an urge to be grounded and rooted. When we are in alignment with the Earth, we feel peaceful and happy. Gardening, Conscious food preparation and Walking barefoot on the earth are ways to connect with earth, sending all our stress and negative feelings into the Earth recharging our souls with pure nature energy. The element is also perceived by the five senses that are Hearing, Smell, Taste, Touch and Sight. It also brings the physical body with muscles and bones together.


Creating life, The Fire experienced as The Mighty Sun offers life and vibrancy. It can bring you the highest positive energy, prosperity and fulfill your heart’s desires. Representative of passion, intention & transformation and motivation, an imbalance that causes aggression therefore it is essential to keep this element balanced. Letting in as much of the early morning light as possible helps in getting rid of unwanted diseases of mind and body and develop qualities like discernment & focus. Rising with the sun and meditation definitely stimulates the fire element in your life. It is your inner light as well as a living symbol of the Divine fire that burns within every soul.


This is considered to be the second most important element “Water”, represents reflection, flux, nourishment and fluidity. It holds energy pulls out negativity, balances our emotions, and makes our minds calm and focused. This element has no odor, but yes can be heard, felt, seen and tasted. It imparts us with the qualities of flexibility and adaptability. Water reminds us that the basis of life is change and to balance out this element in your body, you must be flexible and open to change which will help you embody strength, and grace. Taking a bath, swimming, spending time in or near natural bodies of water and walking in the rain are some of the ways our bodies heal and stay calm.


The very basis of our survival is the element of Air. As long as we breathe, we live. It is expansive and dynamic and inexpensive. The Air clears out our minds and breeds creativity, expression and intelligence. The cleaner the air the more the body and soul can feel a drastic smoothness setting in while it relaxes from the everyday pollutants when the element of air is erratic; it often leads to anxiety, confusion, and restlessness. It represents our mind and if we can regulate and control our breath we can control our thoughts and harness the power of our mind. Spending time outdoors in the fresh air every day and walking on open spaces are powerful practices for your souls to use the power of our thoughts and minds to heal ourselves and others. In the human body, the oxygen and carbon dioxide that dwells and infuses our every cell together to keep us alive and living that everyday dream in the body also refers to Air.


The subtlest of the elements, The Sky is also related to space. It could be justified as the medium of sound but is inaccessible to all other senses. Representing spaciousness, subtlety, emptiness & potentiality, it is devoid of any tangible form. You can experience it by noticing the space between objects around you and by observing your breath. The element of space is related to the sense of hearing, so attuning to sound vibration as it moves through space can clear your mind and open you up to a greater quality of receptivity. Spending time in silence and soaking in the sounds of nature around you will balance this element of life and create wonders for you. And as in the human body the Soul (Athma) refers to space.

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